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    Kerri Russell, 1956-2020

    With patience and perseverence, Kerri Russell helped push TU toward a more inclusive and diverse future.

    National trustee planted seeds for ongoing diversity and inclusion initiatives at Trout Unlimited There was a time not long ago when some of the leading women volunteers at Trout Unlimited were ready to storm the barricades. From their vantage point, the organization was not moving fast enough to increase the number of women in its…

  • Conservation

    TU lauds proposal to bolster conservation funding in New York

    Trout Unlimited is applauding an ambitious New York stream restoration initiative included in a $3 billion proposal announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week.  The “Restore Mother Nature Bond Act” was highlighted in Cuomo’s 2020 State of the State address. It would fund projects that improve critical fish and wildlife habitat and reduce flood risks across New York by reconnecting streams, removing obsolete dams, retrofitting road-stream crossings, restoring wetlands and natural floodplains, conserving forests and open space, reducing stormwater runoff, and upgrading fish…

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    Pipeline report documents repeated pollution events

    In central Appalachia, installing natural gas pipelines often involves trenching through wild trout streams by the dozens. Inevitably, that leads to problems. Storms pelt construction sites, sending plumes of sediment into waters. Stream crossing procedures fail. Restoration is not completed. All this puts coldwater resources at risk. Several major new pipelines have been built in…

  • Government Affairs

    Congressmen rally behind abandoned mine cleanup

    Photo above: Congressman Dan Meuser (white shirt) and Earth Conservancy president/CEO Mike Dziak (speaking) during a tour of an abandoned mine reclamation site in Luzerne County, Pa. Earth Conservancy photo. There are moonscapes outside Wilkes-Barre, Pa.—piles of black culm left behind from coal mining operations before the dawn of regulation four decades ago. A local…