• Trout Talk

    Enjoy fall’s reds but avoid its redds

    The colors of fall excite my retinas. Green leaves slowly fade as dormancy becomes them — it's their yearly retreat so they can prepare for renewal come spring. Yellows are most common out west, but we also have vibrant oranges and even some reds. Oranges and reds of the changing scrub oaks and wild strawberries…

  • Featured

    Mourning summer before it’s over

    An angler fishes a small, mountain stream in Idaho.

    As Phoebe danced around the truck, anxious to start the walk up the familiar trail past a few bends in the creek, I donned my wading sandals for what would almost certainly be the last time this year.  I was in a gloomy mood. Changing seasons, earlier sunsets and, of course, the inevitable prediction of…

  • Voices from the river

    The autumn swindle

    It got so cold so early this year that our aspens and cottonwoods didn’t really turn. Their leaves simply froze in place when the mercury dipped below zero in early October, and they’ve spent the last few months drying into sickly, gray, paper-thin ghosts and falling without ceremony to the ground.  Season theft. We were…