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    To kill bass (or not)

    The thrill of the catch

    A South Umpqua bass next to a fishing pole handle

    The thrill of the catch. Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…splash!  As I reared back and the fishing rod bent in a tight arc, I thought, “This is a good start!”  And it got better.  Seven casts. Seven fish. And 30 minutes of the best smallmouth bass fishing I’d ever experienced. Five of the seven bass were fat…

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    Catch and Release: The Big Picture 

    Trout being held underwater by man's hand

    Brian Hodge of TU's Science team sits down with the facts to give us a not so simple answer.  How anglers interact with a trout or salmon fishery can be, in and of itself, a conservation consideration. Questions like “How much pressure does a river get?” “How many fish are kept?” and “How are released…

  • Trout Talk

    Can we be done with “ripping lips” already?

    I was talking with some long-time friends the other day during a social hour at the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show in Salt Lake City, and the conversation inevitably wandered into our latest fishing adventures (surprise, surprise).  “We had the best time on the Green the other day, we absolutely destroyed ’em…” said X.…

  • Voices from the river Conservation Fishing


    By Dean Finnerty My son really wanted this fish. He’d put in a lot of hours standing in the cold, winter flows of an Oregon coastal stream, plying its waters day after day, waiting for that tug. While he had caught steelhead before, when this tug finally came, on the other end was a fish…