Chad Brown

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    Chad Brown from Soul River Runs Deep

    Join me on September 28 – that’s Monday – at 1 PM PDT @troutunlimited when we talk with Chad @soulriverinc about his exciting new “Love Is King” initiative. Clear your calendar and tune in – this will be awesome

    You probably know this guy. If you don’t, you should.  This is my friend Chad Brown -- one of the most remarkable human beings I’ve ever met. Chad is the founder of Soul River Runs Deep, a great TU Business member in Portland, Ore. He’s a decorated US Navy veteran who received multiple honors after…

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    Building a community of service in difficult times

    Now more than ever, we need to address issues of equity within Trout Unlimited

    In a recent Hatch Magazine article, Chad Brown – Navy veteran and founder/president of the non-profit organization Soul River, which focuses on bringing veteran mentors and inner city youth together in the outdoors – made a point that captured the gravity of today’s moment for the environmental conservation community.   While sharing some of the personal instances of…