Clean Water Act

  • Advocacy

    Bipartisan Win for Abandoned Mine Cleanup

    Good Samaritan legislation advances key Senate committee with unanimous consent To watch cable news, you might think that our country is hopelessly divided on partisan lines. If you work in conservation, though, you see that genuine bipartisanship is possible with a lot of hard work. Today, the Senate Energy & Public Works Committee passed the…

  • Advocacy

    Supreme Court rejection is another blow for Pebble Mine

    The U.S. Supreme Court rejected hearing a lawsuit filed by the State of Alaska against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) in an attempt to strike down Clean Water Act protections for the headwaters of Bristol Bay. This unprecedented lawsuit was a last-ditch effort to keep the dying Pebble Mine project alive. Bristol Bay. Photo by…

  • Advocacy

    The Fight for Bristol Bay Continues

    Four men stand with signs reading "We are fine without a mine. No Pebble Mine"

    Lawsuit by the State of Alaska threatens Clean Water Act protections. Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized Clean Water Act safeguards for the headwaters of Bristol Bay. These safeguards established a prohibition and restriction on mine waste discharge in the Pebble deposit area in the headwaters of Bristol Bay. This win was…

  • Advocacy

    TU Goes to The Hill for Abandoned Mine Cleanup

    Chris Wood sits at a table speaking into a microphone

    Trout Unlimited CEO Chris Wood testifies in favor of community reclamation legislation to facilitate abandoned mine cleanup. This week, Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood testified in favor of the proposed Community Reclamation Partnerships Act to facilitate cleanup of abandoned mines by community reclaimers, also known as “Good Samaritans,” in the Mining and Natural…

  • From the President

    How to bring a river back from the dead

    A narrow river in the woods

    One chapter’s handiwork (literally) has salter brook trout returning to a famous creek The Quashnet is a five-mile prayer of a river that flows into Waquoit Bay in Cape Cod, Mass. Fishing the river is like walking in a verdant tunnel, as wide as a fly rod is long in many sections. Willows and other…