Copper John

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    Is it good … or bad to obsess?

    Boxes full of fishing flies.

    Fly fishing is arguably the ideal pastime for someone with obsessive tendencies. Inches matter on the stream, as do thousandths when it comes to spools of tippet or fly-tying thread. A guy I once fished with said he never saved leftovers from home-cooked meals; it was a sanitary thing. Sure.  I remember thinking he probably ironed his underwear before putting them away, but…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: Copper John vs. the Adams

    The Copper John or the Adams?

    The round-of-eight bracket in the TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown features one of best deep-diving nymphs ever tied and perhaps the most widely used dry fly on earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on6tnuje1SY Tying the Copper John. First tied by Colorado fly tier John Barr, the Copper John is now a nymph angling go-to bug, particularly in tailwaters where,…