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    Another milestone in Eel River restoration

    Strengthening protections for Eel River tributaries to help recover native salmon and steelhead California’s Eel River got its modern name from the swarms of Pacific lamprey that once plowed up and down its length, but it’s more famous for its wild steelhead and salmon –– and, unfortunately, for the dramatic decline in those fisheries over…

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    New Podcast: Klamath dam removal updates

    TU’s Brian Johnson and filmmaker Shane Anderson join The River Rambler podcast to share observations from the biggest river reconnection project in history Brian Johnson, TU’s senior policy advisor for western water and climate returned to The River Rambler podcast for a fascinating conversation about the unfolding Klamath dam removals with host Richard Harrington and…

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    The Elwha River: A wild ride through a decade of dam removal

    A connected river is good for nature, period. And because we are a part of and depend on nature, it is good for humanity too. 

    John R. McMillan, Science Director, The Conservation Angler All photos provided by John McMillan “The river will never recover!” This is one of the responses I've seen in recent months from skeptics of the historic dam removal project currently underway on the Klamath River – the largest such project ever to date.  This claim is…

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    Bringing the salmon home

    On the border of Oregon and California, the largest dam removal ever attempted, anywhere on the planet, is underway on the Klamath River.

    When the dams come out, the Klamath will come back. May 2024: The Klamath River dam removal is well underway. The smallest of the four dams to be removed, Copco 2, is already gone. The reservoirs behind the three remaining dams – Copco 1, Iron Gate, and JC Boyle – were drained this winter and…

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    FERC plans sells Kennebec’s endangered Atlantic salmon short

    This week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released a Draft EIS affecting four hydroelectric dams on Maine’s Kennebec River. The FERC recommendations amount to incremental improvements over what is now a dire situation for Atlantic salmon in the Kennebec. We have tried the incremental approach before on rivers like the Connecticut, Merrimack, Saco, and Androscoggin.…

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    Free the Eklutna River

    The Eklutna People envision a thriving fishery accessible by all. Right now, we have the power to return a salmon producing stream back to Southcentral Alaska. The effort to restore the Eklutna River has reached a pivotal moment, with the operators of the Eklutna Hydroelectric Project now accepting public comments on their draft Fish and…