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    Every Bit Counts

    Cowboys along a fence line with cows and mountains in the background

    On a controversial river in a drying landscape, ranchers look to science, technology and the law to send just a little more water downstream. Jesse Kruthaupt’s dad found the family’s future ranch stretching along a place called Tomichi Creek nestled in a valley on the Western Slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It was the late…

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    How to bring a river back from the dead

    A narrow river in the woods

    One chapter’s handiwork (literally) has salter brook trout returning to a famous creek The Quashnet is a five-mile prayer of a river that flows into Waquoit Bay in Cape Cod, Mass. Fishing the river is like walking in a verdant tunnel, as wide as a fly rod is long in many sections. Willows and other…

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    TU’s Wood Gives Testimony on Lower Snake River Dams

    Near the dramatic jagged peaks of the Teton mountains sits Jackson Lake Dam.

    During a virtual federal listening session on the Columbia River Basin, people from across the country called on the Biden Administration to move forward with the removal of the lower Snake River dams. Nearly 60 people testified during the listening session, with more than two-thirds or participants calling on the administration to take action on…

  • Snake River Dam Removal

    Snake River Flows Secured, For Now

    Jackson Lake Dam and Reservoir sign

    Near the dramatic jagged peaks of the Teton mountains sits Jackson Lake Dam. Built in the early 1900s by the Bureau of Reclamation to control lake levels for irrigation in Idaho and reduce flooding for a rising local population, Jackson Lake Dam drives water into the Snake River and its interconnected aquatic ecosystem.  The Snake…

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    Extraordinary measures

    Black and white photo of man with a rod looking at a river

    TU and partners sue Pacific Gas and Electric to restore California’s third largest river and its legendary salmon and steelhead fisheries. The Eel River, the beating heart of California’s Lost Coast, was historically one of the most productive rivers for salmon and steelhead in America. Today, however, the Eel’s anadromous fish populations are severely depressed…

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    The next half-century of hydropower

    How hydropower relicensing clears a path for migratory trout and salmon Trout Unlimited cares about hydropower because trout and salmon are migratory fish and the fact is, dams are tough on migratory fish. In the case of the Columbia and Snake River dams, for example, the downstream delayed mortality for juvenile smolt at each of…