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    A case study for the ‘portfolio approach’

    A fisheries management plan for southwest Oregon coastal streams spurs debate over harvest of wild steelhead A fishery management plan being developed for southwest Oregon coastal rivers has generated debate over whether to temporarily reduce or prohibit harvest of wild steelhead. Trout Unlimited’s Oregon Field Director Kyle Smith recently penned an opinion-editorial in the Curry County Pilot making the case for caution in killing…

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    Vote for Utah’s hunting and fishing heritage

    By Andy Rasmussen In 1777, a dozen years before the signing of the U.S. Constitution, Vermont passed the first state constitutional provision providing for the right to hunt and fish. Since 1996, over 20 other states, many in the West, have adopted similar amendments.  These amendments protect sporting and outdoor traditions as a valued part of the region’s heritage and economy and preserve them in…

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    Plan and then plan again

    The year 2020 has been a year of wrecked plans

    The year 2020 has been a year of wrecked plans. Any sort of travel – cancelled. Celebrations with friends and family – done through Zoom. Even the regular trip to the grocery store or out to eat – reimagined with a mask and attempts at social distancing. This is even truer for me dealing with the ravages…

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    Brad Elfers from Alaska Fly Fishing Goods gets in on the Tongass fight

    “We don’t have any more chances left. There aren’t any more Tongasses. This is an American forest, not an Alaskan forest. It belongs to every American."

    Fly fishing in Alaska -- it’s a dream for many of us. If you’d like to make that dream come true, Brad Elfers is the go-to guy. Brad has owned Alaska Fly Fishing Goods in Juneau since 1998, and he knows fly fishing in Alaska. Brad has worked as a river guide, fly fishing guide…

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    One less barrier to access

    As the trees from the trail opened to a view of the water, I checked out the anglers already standing in the river.   Against all common sense, I immediately assumed they knew more than me. I assumed they were slightly annoyed that I had come to crowd their spot.   As I walked upstream to avoid getting too close, I peeked at their gear. Little by little,…