• Public Lands Month

    Of Sticks and Strings

    An outdoor rack holding four archery bows

    Public Lands support the underlying spirit of traditional bowhunting and fly fishing    As trout season draws to a close in Michigan, the leaves change hues and, for many of us, our attention turns to antlered pursuits with the opening of archery deer season. Out West, hunter-anglers have been pursuing elk for almost a month…

  • Trout Talk

    What species is the ‘fish of your lifetime?’

    Brook trout might be the most stunning of all, but are they the 'fish of a lifetime?' All photos by Chris Hunt. I’ve spent a lifetime chasing trout along the spine of the continent. Save for about 10 of my 52 years, where I’ve lived elsewhere due to circumstance or obligation, my views have always…

  • Featured Voices from the river

    First look at Denali

    I'd come all the way to Alaska and saw more grayling than I'd ever seen in one place. And I didn't catch a single one from this river. And I didn't mind a bit

    Denali shrouded in storm clouds

    With a view like this, a fishless day isn't too bad after all Just a glance over the side of the canoe revealed the life swimming in this crystal-clear spring creek situated just off the Alaska Highway about a 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks. Big Arctic grayling—and some of the biggest whitefish I'd ever seen—cruised…