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    In New Mexico, beavers and people aren’t so different

    By Abelino Fernandez Leger In fall of 2020, I worked with Trout Unlimited and Defenders of Wildlife and River Source — a small company specializing in watershed restoration, education and research in New Mexico — on a beaver habitat assessment survey in northern New Mexico. The project goal was to find rivers where beavers could be relocatedand where beavers could do the work…

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    Science leads to credible conservation

    TU staff across the country and our programs utilize science daily As Trout Unlimited has grown and changed, we have been thinking a lot about what science means to our organization.  It is an ever-evolving conversation, partly because we have an ever-growing staff applying science in their work. Whether hired specifically for TU Science or field programs, across the organization we now have, unbelievably, more than 30 staff with significant science backgrounds. We’ve grown…