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  • TU Business

    Wild Rivers Coffee Company stands with TU on the Lower Snake

    For a young family like theirs, the notion of losing salmon and steelhead runs in this iconic American river is simply unacceptable. These fish are too special, this place is too special for us to sit by and watch as these fish simply disappear. “Wild Rivers Coffee is with Trout Unlimited all the way on this proposal,” Marshall says. “We believe these fish are a legacy for our children and future generations of Americans to enjoy and pass on. That’s what conservation is all about.”

    Even after more than four decades in wildlife conservation, I don’t have a lot of friends that put “conservationist” in the signature block of their emails. But Marshall Seedorff does. I like that. He says it’s something he takes a great deal of pride in. And he should. Marshall and Sammie Seedorff are straight-up conservationists.…

  • Dam Removal

    Living Waters Fly Fishing stands with TU on Lower Snake

    “Conservation is one of the pillars of the fishing community and as anglers we are meant to be stewards of the aquatic environment. The removal of dams unlocks so much more than just the water they hold - it unlocks the natural potential of anadromous fish. By deconstructing our own creations, we allow nature to rebuild itself in a way that we could never imagine! For this reason, as a business and as anglers, Living Waters Fly Fishing supports the removal of dams on the Snake River.”

    You may have heard of Living Waters Fly Fishing in Round Rock, Texas.  The shop is owned and operated by Chris and Emily Johnson. Whatever you know or don’t know about fishing in Texas, know this: These folks are the real deal. They’re Gold Level TU Business members and just great people. Chris and Emily…

  • TU Business

    Karmik Outdoors stands with TU on the Lower Snake

    Some things just disappear. The rod tube cradling my beloved Winston 5-weight somehow took wing and soared out of my backpack and landed on a county road. Knives have evaporated from my pockets and have never reappeared. Sunglasses vanish like Jimmy Hoffa, never to be seen again. All this is mostly just an annoyance if…

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    Wildwood Anglers stands with TU on Lower Snake proposal

    As Brad Dunkle says, “We are now at a crossroads. And the consensus amongst the scientific community is we must act now to prevent a complete collapse of wild steelhead and salmon. Dam removal is the next logical move to enable these anadromous fish passage to and from their home waters.”

    It’s over 2,100 miles from the Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake River in eastern Washington to Sylvania, Ohio. I know that’s true because Google Maps told me. You can check it out on the internet, the source of all truth. So you might think that a guy who runs a fly shop and guide…