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    Celebrating a dream come true in North Carolina

    There was abundant sunshine, bluegrass, barbeque and 300 fly fishing enthusiasts that gathered to celebrate the grand opening of one of the nicest fly shops you’ll ever see—and the only one I’ve ever seen with a built-in bar—the new Brookings Fly Shop in Cashiers, N.C. If you’re reading this, then you are probably one of…

  • Video spotlight

    Watch Now: A Beautiful Mess

    Felling trees in a Tennessee National Forest to replicate what nature used to do It’s a warm spring morning and the sound of chainsaws is echoing through the Tennessee mountains. This is hardly an unusual scene, but the mission here is. This isn’t someone getting a start on next winter’s supply of firewood. It’s a…

  • Conservation Featured Science

    Trout Unlimited volunteers fan out to survey Wilson Creek in North Carolina

    Armed with mountains of scientific data, Trout Unlimited is starting to dig into reconnection and stream restoration efforts in a large, important watershed in western North Carolina.  Over the past year, carefully trained TU volunteers fanned out across the Wilson Creek watershed to survey the condition of Wilson Creek and its many smaller tributaries.  Volunteers…

  • Conservation

    Trout and Salmon Foundation’s grants make out-sized impact for TU

    Small donations from private foundations provide seed money needed to get a big restoration project going

    When Trout Unlimited and the U.S. Forest Service team up for a reconnection project next year in the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan, the price tag will top $80,000.  In terms of the project’s total cost, a single $5,000 contribution might seem like it’s not that big of a deal. But that grant from the…

  • Projects reconnect trout water in North Carolina mountains

    By Andy Brown Recent projects to remove in-stream barriers on two North Carolina streams have opened miles of habitat for trout and other creek-dwelling creatures. The work was completed on Powdermill and Cedar Rock creeks and is part of TU's coldwater conservation program in the Southern Appalachians. Removing barriers helps fish, including native brook trout,…