san juan cutthroat trout

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    Colorado TU chapter wins award for work to protect rare cutthroat trout

    San Juan cutthroat trout. Photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. On the San Juan National Forest in southwest Colorado, advances are afoot for a special trout and its habitat thanks to the many people working to protect them.   The San Juan cutthroat trout, once widespread throughout the region, only inhabits a small portion of its historic range. Luckily for these recently rediscovered trout, Trout Unlimited and partners are making strides towards increasing their…

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    Management matters

    By Garrett Hanks Wolf Creek pass in the San Juan mountains of Colorado serves as the tipping point between the westward San Juan basin, home to the recently rediscovered San Juan cutthroat trout, and the Rio Grande cutthroat’s namesake river to the east.  Unlike trout, bear, mule deer and other wildlife are unhindered by the ridgeline; their tracks freely cross the divide. Look north and you’ll notice the burn scar from the West Fork fire of 2013. Setting off south along the Continental Divide Trail, you quickly…