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    Wildwood Anglers stands with TU on Lower Snake proposal

    As Brad Dunkle says, “We are now at a crossroads. And the consensus amongst the scientific community is we must act now to prevent a complete collapse of wild steelhead and salmon. Dam removal is the next logical move to enable these anadromous fish passage to and from their home waters.”

    It’s over 2,100 miles from the Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake River in eastern Washington to Sylvania, Ohio. I know that’s true because Google Maps told me. You can check it out on the internet, the source of all truth. So you might think that a guy who runs a fly shop and guide…

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    Shannon’s Fly and Tackle Shop

    Get behind our TU Business members

    In the same boat These are difficult times. This pandemic has all of us on edge. Millions of us are under lockdown. Millions more are isolating themselves and practicing social distancing, limiting their personal contact with others. It’s a global pandemic, and it’s serious business. In communities across the US and around the world, we’re…

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    Keeping our partners in business matters to us. After all, we're all in the same boat. Editor's note: In the coming weeks, we'll be asking you, our TU members, supporters and followers, to do some online business with some of our best TU Business Partners who give back to conservation again and again, and who…