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    The amazing trout gender reveal

    The alevin at the trailside museum are looking great! How can we tell the males from the females?

    Also known as sexual dimorphism — luckily no forest fire risk with this reveal The alevin are looking great and we only need about 291 more names. But, "Are they males or females?" asks Elanor the Animal Expert (age 7) from The Bronx. Thanks for the great question, Elanor. While "gender reveal parties" are the…

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    ‘Frankentrout!’ Are two heads better than one?

    We have a two headed alevin! Check out our virtual trout tank at trailside museum and our unique findings.

    While checking on the alevin at the Trailside Museum Trout Tank, we made a Halloween discovery ... Frankentrout! This two-headed trout is a result of double fertilization, a rare occurrence in nature. As unfertilized trout eggs are exposed to fresh water, the micropyle opens and allows a 60 second window for milt (male genetic material)…

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    Take a virtual field trip with Trout Unlimited

    "Our field trips were mainly designed for our local students, with a mix of locations and lessons for students between 2nd and 5th grade. In this challenging time, we know all of us can appreciate some beautiful scenery around our Central Oregon streams and rivers, and the soothing sights and sounds that come from experiences in nature."

    When COVID-19 shut down schools educators found other ways to help students experience the river About a decade ago Trout Unlimited launched a youth educational program in the Deschutes Basin of Oregon to build awareness of the importance of water and the health of rivers. The focus has been on key tributaries and sections of…