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Hank Patterson's Fish-cation from Hell

“Whoa, whoa, whoa … Joel? Let’s not waste any blood on a nymph.”

Yeah, it’s a bit late for us to post the trailer for a Halloween fright-fest film—even if it’s a trailer to a film that doesn’t really exist. But Hank Patterson’s newest fly-fishing spoof (with the egregious support from Orvis) that draws on the spirit of old Hollywood B-movie magic shouldn’t be missed.

Oh, it’s funny. And it’s a little weird, too.

Most of us have been on that fishing vacation that’s just great, but just missing one small thing—the fish. Hank takes this theme to a devilish new level, though, as you might have gathered from that from opening quote.

How so? Imagine opening the beer cooler to find nothing but … wine. Or having your girlfriend suggest a kinky experiment using … PowerBait. Or meeting your doppelgangers only to find out that they don’t fish … they golf. Or, in order to catch fish, you’re required to sell your soul to the Dark Lord of Fly Fishing (seriously … who hasn’t done that?).

Yeah. Totally worth a look. And, you do get some great Orvis product placements that seem just … so… totally natural, you know?

Enjoy. And, Joel, save the blood for dry flies, please.