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One of the country's many Trout in the Classroom (TIC) programs was featured recently on PBS's This American Land.  The story of their work with Lahontan cutthroat trout is hopeful and inspiring.
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Updating TIC Technical Information
We've been working hard to get the lastest in TIC wisdom and guidelines onto
This year's first-place winner, Hugh, tells us about how he tried to learn to fly fish just by reading books.  Read about how everything finally fell into place when he got to go to camp.
The newest issue of Stream Explorers magazine is revisiting a vital topic--the impact of humans on trout.  The issue discusses both positive and negative influences that humans can have on trout and trout habitat.
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Data from NY AaT 2013
On Long Island, brook trout are being followed.
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TIC Set Up Videos
I just discovered this amazing set of set up videos from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.
After a tough day in school I intend to let the music of the river- soft, quiet, yet steady- calm me down, and then I go fly fishing.
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Salmon Bracelets
This is a cool way to motivate kids to explore their local stream ecosystem and think about how salmon or trout are connected not just to the stream and water, but all different aspects of the ecosystem.
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2013 TU Camp Essay Contest Runner-Up
Now, I am back to fishing and fly-tying and I was given the wonderful opportunity to have A WEEK FOR ME!
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2013 TU Camp Essay Contest Winners
Rachel is a runner-up in this year's TU Teen essay contest, on the subject of "TU Camp is . . . "