Eric Booton

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    Alaskans: Be a voice for reserving water in rivers for fish

    In a world where salmon and steelhead continue to dwindle and disappear, Governor Dunleavy has proposed changes to Alaska’s water management regulations that head us in the exact wrong direction.  Alaskan anglers and business owners are witnessing and adapting to numerous stressors on our wild fisheries, including King salmon decline, unpredictable salmon returns, invasive species, water temperature increases, and more.  All of these are outside our control.    Fortunately, ensuring that water…

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    Ten questions with Fish for the Future

    Fish for the Future is a two-guide team working to encourage all anglers to do their part to protect chinook salmon on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers.

    Alaska salmon. These words alone fill an angler’s mind with wild rivers seemingly overflowing with anadromous invaders bound upstream to spawn the next generation, and chrome fish bigger and spunkier than an elementary student amped on sugar and caffeine. Wild Pacific salmon runs are struggling or altogether missing throughout their historic ranges, and Chinook salmon…

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    Grayling giggles on the Gulkana

    Her infectious grayling giggles mirrored the steady stream of top-water action so well that none of us had to look to know the story

    Arctic grayling from the Gulkana River.

    It took time, but I finally learned that you cannot wholly recreate a successful trip. My best advice? Don’t even try. Any attempt to do so immediately sets you up for disappointment and, in all honesty, undercuts the thrill of the trip. Every adventure is bound to be a little different, and wiser heads will nod as I add that this dash of uniqueness is part of the curiosity, and appeal, that…

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    Cycling to the source of the Eklutna

    As I dedicate more of my time with Trout Unlimited to help restore the Eklutna River, traditionally named Idlughetnu, I spend hours of the day with my mind 45 miles away from my Anchorage home within the fractured Eklutna River system. Though I now get to see more of the area and further my understanding of its history, there is no shortage of information I have yet to learn and areas of the watershed that…

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    Chugach Electric members, cast your vote: support Eklutna River restoration

    Southcentral Alaskans: The Chugach Electric Association (CEA) Board of Directors election and fishing opportunity in Southcentral Alaska have more in common than you may think.   The CEA Board has potential to restore historical Chinook salmon habitat and create additional angling opportunity for Alaskans because CEA is a part owner of the Ekltuna Hydropower Project. There is a…