Kara Armano

  • Voices from the river

    Ponderosas have secrets

    The giant ponderosa peers over blue-green water cascading and flowing around boulders, plunging into pools and meandering in eddies. This tree must be well over 100-years old. It stretches skyward with giant, twisted branches leading to more twists and turns extending over a spectacular reach of river. The pumpkin and burnt-orange bark has splits and cracks in its puzzle-like texture and its hunter-green needles extend long at each…

  • Fishing Voices from the river

    Birding while fishing

    Sometimes it's tough to fish when the scenery is so gorgeous One of my favorite parts about fishing is the spectacular places it takes you. From high mountain streams with peaks towering overhead to desert rivers with cliff walls reflecting the day’s heat, there are hardly any ugly places to fish. Sure, there are the occasional honey holes with a…

  • Voices from the river Fishing TROUT Magazine

    Midges and anchors to the rescue

    Anchor could be connoted as negative, as something heavy weighing you down, but if you look at some of its synonyms, things start looking up. Cornerstone, lynchpin or foundation; these more aptly describe what rivers mean to me, especially lately. Rivers feed my soul, rejuvenate my spirit and bring solace during life’s challenges, and boy has life shown me challenges.   After my…

  • Voices from the river

    Passing the time ’til it’s fishing season

    What do you do to pass the time between fishing seasons? Mostly, I daydream, frequently. I catch myself staring out the windows to the snow-covered landscape and dream.   I dream of heavy summer rainstorms that bring ants and other terrestrials off the vegetation and to the water’s surface. There big rainbows and browns can’t help…

  • Voices from the river

    Adventure fishing delivers

    Going deeper always pays As snow falls gently from the sky and piles up enough to snowshoe and ski (and shovel), I can’t help but think about the places fishing took me over the warm summer months and where I’ll seek out trout next summer. There’s something about seeing snowflakes gently cascading down that makes me excited for adventure…

  • Conservation TROUT Magazine

    Working to keep the Rio Grande cutthroat trout off the Endangered Species List

    Rio Grande cutthroat trout alive and well in Northern New Mexico Extensive efforts in southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico to restore habitat for the Rio Grande cutthroat trout (RGCT) have been underway since at least 2003. State agencies, tribes, federal agencies and Trout Unlimited have cooperated to bring this species back to more of its historic range, applying expert knowledge and…