Native fish strongholds

Ensuring a future for native salmonids and important fisheries.

Many populations of trout, salmon and char are at-risk. Across the country, Trout Unlimited works with various partners to ensure we do everything we can to protect these fish and the fishing opportunities they provide. We use landscape-scale conservation assessment and planning, along with local information and expertise to identify strongholds of wild and native fish we need to sustain and protect. Our work is grounded in science and our vision is broad, while our place-based approach ensures we also work with local information and partners for effective, grounded conservation.

Where possible we focus on strongholds – large, interconnected systems in high-quality habitat – because these are the places where we are most likely to sustain robust populations and high-quality fisheries. Trout Unlimited also identifies threats and opportunities to restore and reconnect habitat and protect genetic integrity to build these larger, more resilient populations that will endure, strategically applying limited funding to focus on restoration actions that have high potential for self-sustaining fish populations into the future.