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When Trout Unlimited works in a community to care for and restore watersheds, it is crucial to both sustain and continue to grow the work that has been done. To sustain our work, we must engage local communities, especially the youth, to help them understand what we have done, and why.

To that end, watershed-based environmental education and home-waters oriented fishing education are crucial to TU’s mission. We have been working with youth from the beginning. Many chapters had an early interest in youth education, and some piloted creative programs.

TU’s youth education efforts encompass a range of programs and projects known as the Stream of Engagement, serving children, teenages and young adults. From the nationally-recognized, science-based Trout in the Classroom and Adopt-a-Trout programs to fly-fishing and conservation camps, Expeditions and college fly-fishing clubs, TU involves young people in our mission to protect and restore the nation’s coldwater resources.

The Stream of Engagement ensures that people of any age can “plug-in” to TU and continue their relationship with coldwater conservation and fly fishing through various age-appropriate programs.

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