Kirk Deeter

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    Playing the numbers game isn’t a sustainable strategy

    If we don’t at least talk about how anglers pressure fisheries, is habitat work just window dressing?  Numbers. That’s the word that pops to mind when I see this image.  I asked you all what you thought yesterday. Many said “bobber.” (OK. I think most of can agree that “strike indicator” is a bit over-cooked).…

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    Why fly fishing is like pizza

    Pizza is pizza, right?  A little crust, a little sauce, some cheese… bada-bing! There you go. Not hardly! Perish that thought. Great pizza is an artform. It should be a perfect balance involving great crust, delicious sauce, golden cheese and fantastic toppings. If any of those four elements are deficient in any way… meh pizza!  The operative word…

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    Chill out and let others enjoy the river, too

    I once observed a school of trout whacking away at PMDs have a canoe float right over them. How long do you think it took for them to turn back on?

    I have to chuckle when I see anglers get so bent out of shape when a kayak floats by, or a dog takes a swim within barking distance of where they are fishing. I once watched a friend’s ears literally turn red every time a tuber drifted downstream. That’s silly for two reasons. First, we…

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    Jumping the shark

    I have many bad habits, for sure, but the one fly-fishing vice I cannot break is casting at mako sharks off the California coast with flies.  It started nearly 20 years ago when I met Conway Bowman while writing the book Tideline. That led to a larger story for Field& Stream magazine (“Flyfishing Gone Mad”) a couple years later.…

  • Gear reviews

    TU tested: Tajima replacement polarized lenses

    I’ll admit I have become kind of a lens-snob, in that I do prefer certain lenses in certain conditions

    I absolutely love sight fishing. See the fish… make the cast… that’s top of the game.  Heck, I like just spotting fish as much as I like catching them. As such, my polarized glasses are as important to me as the rod and reel I fish.  Put it this way… if I drive to the…

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    No fish dry in July

    Take photos of everything ... but the fish Our friends at Keep Fish Wet and Ten And Two Co. have announced “No Fish Dry July,” a campaign that encourages anglers to ask themselves, “Do I really need a photo of that fish?” and challenges them not to take a single fish photo for the month…