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    The coronavirus may change fishing as we know it

    Ironically, 2020 is “The Year of the Rat.” Given how 2020 has unfolded so far, I actually consider that to be an insult to rats. But we are seeing some lifting of the pandemic fog where I live in Colorado and in many other places around the country—and fishing definitely stands to be affected… for…

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    Covid-19 and fly fishing

    two men fly fishing

    As we seek an 'out' to stay-at-home orders, how should anglers fish and how should guides conduct trips? Editor's note: The following is written behalf of Trout Unlimited and Angling Trade Media, and in partnership with the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA). A month ago, I tackled the fly-fishing “elephant in the room” with this piece in both…

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    To fish or not to fish during the outbreak

    Can we safely go fishing during the outbreak? A retired emergency room physician answers the questions we've all be asking about the wisdom of hitting the water during these troubling times.

    A trout stream running through a canyon at sunset.

    Editor's note: The following first appeared in Angling Trade magazine. Admittedly, things are moving fast and my own opinions have evolved quite a bit in the past several days especially. But one thing that really sticks out and absolutely warms my heart is the sheer class and integrity of the many people in fly fishing with…

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    Different posts for different light

    Editor's note: The following is excerpted from TU's book, "Trout Tips," available online for overnight delivery. Guide Pete Cardinal reminded me of this one as we fished the Missouri River in Montana in early fall. It's hard to beat a Parachute Adams as an all-around, do-anything dry fly. With a good cast, and a better…

  • Distance casters: Masters of the irrelevant

    'Tis the outdoor Sportsmen’s Expo and Flyfishing Show season, where anglers get chances to shrug off the winter doldrums and make a few casts, if only on an indoor “casting pond.” Those shows offer great opportunities to test out the latest and greatest fly rods too. Just don’t judge the rod by trying to throw…