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    Blue Collar Bamboo

    Restoring a piece of fly fishing history

    Restoring a piece of fly fishing history New bamboo fly rods often command hefty prices and long waiting lists appropriately reflecting the time and craftsmanship put into them, but there was a time when even anglers of modest means could fly fish with bamboo.   Mass-produced bamboo fly rods from the 1920s through the 1950s…

  • Fishing The True Cast Trout Talk

    The True Cast – 3 things

    The three things that intimidate would-be fly fishers (and why they’re no big deals) Companies that sell fly-fishing gear obviously do a lot of research to help them understand their customers, and when it comes to turning the curious into dedicated aficionados, they’ve learned that there are three main barriers that stand in the way:…

  • Fishing The True Cast Trout Talk

    True Cast – The Best Trout Fishing Places in America

    So, what are the best trout fishing places in America? They are the ones that you appreciate most, often times for reasons other than how many fish you catch.

    I once made the mistake of writing a story on “America’s Best Fly-Fishing Towns” for Field & Stream magazine. The story turned out fine, but then they put me on a radio tour, and one happy town heaped praise on me, while nine others grilled me on why I didn’t rank them first. It looks…