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  • Conservation Science

    Impacts of climate change on tailwaters

    By Michael Riley Tailwaters are known for their ability to provide clean, cold water conditions suitable to support robust trout populations. Tailwaters can provide cold water during dry conditions and also help negate the effects of flooding. But as drought and flash flooding become more extreme with climate change even tailwaters have their limits, leaving…

  • Science

    New report: The importance of diversity for California salmon

    Adult Chinook salmon in California's San Joaquin River. California salmon and steelhead reside at the southern limits of the ranges of their various species, and have evolved a diversity of strategies to survive in California’s highly variable climate. However, alterations in land use and resource management over the past century and a half have degraded,…

  • Climate Change

    Climate change and Nevada’s Walker Lake

    The relationship between fish, people and water in Nevada is a sordid tale, with Walker Lake, nestled in the western corner of the state, as a particularly interesting character.  Walker Lake historically sustained one of the few lake-form populations of Lahontan cutthroat trout, growing large predatory trout similar to the much-famed Pyramid Lake just to…