Meet Alexa, TU Alaska’s new Kenai Peninsula Engagement Coordinator

Alexa Millward is the new Kenai Peninsula engagement coordinator for Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program. Alexa will spend her time working in communities across the Kenai Peninsula to engage residents and visitors in conservation and restoration projects. There is a lot happening on the peninsula, from the restoration of Resurrection Creek in Hope, to fish habitat mapping with the Kenai Peninsula Chapter. Alexa is ready and excited to get started!  

Hometown/current town?

Pocatello, ID/ Cooper Landing, AK

Tell us a little about yourself?  What is your background?  (education/professional/volunteer)

I grew up in Idaho where I fell in love with fishing on the snake and salmon river and decided to continue pursuing that passion by attending school in another river town, Missoula, MT. I graduated from University of Montana with a BA of Science in Health and Human Performance and have spent my time post college working for Kenai River Drifters Lodge, in Cooper Landing as a fishing guide on the Kenai River and connecting tributaries.

In my off time, you will find me on the river fishing for fun, skiing, hiking or volunteering at adaptive recreation programs. I volunteer with Challenge Alaska and the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center to help people with various disabilities get outside and recreate.

What does your perfect day in Alaska look like?

A perfect Alaska day is a brisk blue bird day in September spent on the Kenai River surrounded by bright gold-colored trees, fishing for trophy rainbow trout and maybe even a few silver salmon. If I am lucky there may even be a few berries left over in one of my favorite spots to stop and snack on mid-day.

What is your favorite species of fish to chase and why?

My favorite fish to chase are specifically the infamous Kenai River Rainbow Trout. These Rainbow Trout are my favorite because they keep you on your toes as they take their first initial run and send themselves airborne only to show their beautiful coloring and great size just to make you that much more eager to get them to the net. The best part is watching them kick- off with power as you send them home to live another day!

Share with us your preferred salmon recipe?

I like to keep it simple! My favorite salmon recipe is your classic smoked salmon with brown sugar and salt brine. If I’m feeling spicey, I’ll add some red pepper flakes! A great snack on the go for all the Alaskan adventures I may find myself on.

As you start your new career with Trout Unlimited, what are you most excited about?

What I look forward to most with starting this new career with Trout Unlimited is the opportunity to grow and continue educating people on the importance of conservation. I started with creating appreciation for fisheries on a small scale from my boat to getting to create the same appreciation in my community and throughout our very own backyard, the Kenai Peninsula.