Introducing the “We Are Trout Unlimited” blog series. Now accepting nominations - click here to nominate!

As the larger angling community grows and diversifies, Trout Unlimited wants to make sure members of our community who don’t fit what was once the “traditional fly fisherman” mold are seen and heard, and that their experiences on the water, at fly shops and volunteer meetings are represented across our channels.  

When someone unfamiliar with our work sees Trout Unlimited’s content, we want what they see to resonate with their own lives. 

Introducing the “We Are Trout Unlimited” blog series. Now accepting nominations— click here to nominate!

Our aim with this series is to feature the people of TU who care about clean water, healthy fisheries and vibrant communities. We want to show off those who roll up their sleeves to volunteer, sit on our boards and strategize as members and leaders of staff. To do that, we need you to introduce us to the leaders in your communities.

Thanks to initiatives such as TU’s decades-old Women’s Initiative — now the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative — and those of our partners like Artemis Sportswomen, Braided Fly Fishing or Orvis’ 50/50 on the Water, new groups have engaged in coldwater conservation and the sport of fly fishing. The aim of this new blog series is to highlight these friends, in hopes of making many new friends of broad stripes. But we need you to introduce us to the leaders in your community who should be featured. Click here to do so.

Our hope is, through this series, you’ll meet people of many communities. You’ll hear their good ideas and consider what we have in common, and where we differ. We hope readers new to TU will join us as they read one another’s stories. Together, we’ll help protect the special places we love.  

Check back soon for the first feature! Feel free to share the nomination page with your friends and chapters.