Photo Gallery: First Float

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my family and three others took a wonderfully run whitewater class from River Rescue Dynamics (@riverrescuedynamics) in Grand Junction, Colo., then had the privilege of spending three days in Ruby and Horsethief canyons in far western Colorado and Utah. This was a “let the kids (all nine of them) run feral, get your toes muddy, go on desert hikes, drink a few too many beers” kinda trip.

It was the first float of the year for most of us and was far from a fishing trip. There were a few catfish caught as well as few native chubs and and pike minnows. 

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though… The trip was book-ended by some pretty hellacious weather, and two of of our cars were broken into at the put-in.

Nonetheless, it still had the power to remind me why we do what we do. Why clean, healthy, flowing rivers are worth fighting for. It all flows downstream… Here where we live, that means it eventually flows into desert country where the otters, bighorns, swallows, native fish, and everything in between depends on it. 

Enjoy the pictures.

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