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    The True Cast: Upstream, downstream.

    Some thoughts on teaching kids about fly fishing.

    Some thoughts on teaching kids about fly fishing. I’m often asked by eager parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, what is the right age to introduce a kid to fly fishing? My answer is always the same: It depends on the kid! And, more important, it depends on how you define “introduce to fly fishing.” A…

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    Photo Gallery: First Float

    Over the Memorial Day weekend, my family and three others took a wonderfully run whitewater class from River Rescue Dynamics (@riverrescuedynamics) in Grand Junction, Colo., then had the privilege of spending three days in Ruby and Horsethief canyons in far western Colorado and Utah. This was a “let the kids (all nine of them) run…

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    TU RIVERS app inspires kids to clean up their local creek

    By Jamie Vaughan In Michigan, Trout Unlimited’s RIVERS App prompted a group of kids to join together to clean up their local creek.   In August, Trout Unlimited staff had the opportunity to present the RIVERS App to educators in Michigan as part of the Groundswell Summer Institute, which introduces teachers to new resources and tools for place-based education.  After learning about this new tool, Michigan educator Andrea Dudley went…