• Trout Talk

    Bumping fists with trout

    So I finally shook off the COVID blues and decided to go fishing one day last week.  Yampa River, northern Colorado, and admittedly it might have been a better day to ski, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to fish.   So I trudged through the snowpack to a prime spot, and the sun…

  • Voices from the river

    Up in the high country where the native trout swim

    I learned to fish in the creeks and beaver ponds of Colorado’s high country, pulling nuggets of wisdom from willing grandfathers who believed time spent with their grandchildren should be time spent outdoors. These two men introduced me and my brothers to the wonders hidden high in Colorado’s mountains. Together, they wandered with us through…

  • Featured

    Hermosa is a backyard treasure

    By Ty Churchwell Just eight miles from Durango's city limits is the 107,000-acre Hermosa Creek Special Management Area and Wilderness. Enacted in 2014, the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act is the result of a community coming together for a favorite backyard playground for locals and a destination for America’s public land visitors who flock to the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado each year.    Prior to the passage of the…

  • Featured

    Praying for rain on the Western Slope of Colorado

    The thin, cool air and the end of high mountain wildflower season were calling my name.   It’s been hot, dry and windy across Colorado, as evidenced by the four wildfires burning vast landscapes across its Western Slope. Rivers are still flowing where I live, but just barely. Many are a trickle and almost all except those in the…

  • Fishing

    How grayling are propagated across the Centennial State

    Arctic grayling provide a unique angling opportunity in Colorado.

    By Jason Clay Just upstream of Joe Wright Reservoir, Colorado Parks and Wildlife aquatic biologists, technicians, researchers and hatchery personnel conducted its annual spawning operation for a fish that most Coloradans might be surprised to find here in the Rocky Mountains. Arctic grayling were first stocked in Colorado in the late 1890s, but it wasn't…

  • Fishing

    Small Stream Colorado

    Talk about going home again ... Todd Moen of Catch Magazine just dropped his latest short film, and it hit me like a surge of nostalgia. I grew up in Colorado and went to college in Gunnison, where much of "Small Stream Colorado" was filmed. The countless little creeks that drain into the Taylor, East…