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From the vault: Everything but the fish

Editor’s note: This piece was published originally in TROUT Magazine in the winter of 2019.

Boating and fishing take us to some pretty amazing places. I personally of am the opinion that taking photos should tell a complete story, not just a piece of one. The below piece here is as it was published in the magazine and in 9 pages and 28 images there is literally not one image of a fish. Just the way I like it. Telling a story about fishing without one in the photos.

I have long thought that the most beautiful aspects of fishing don’t always involve the fish themselves as much as they do the wild places an angler experiences, and the interesting people encountered along the way.

No doubt, I am still awestruck every time I admire the subtle hues and breathing detail in a wild trout or salmon. But the more I fish, the more I find that when I go home at night, the most vivid images that flash through my mind are of raw mountains and rivers, gnarled trees and faces… scenes both offbeat and inspiring. And my best days are measured more by the amount of minutes or hours I spend looking about—because I cannot help myself—than by the number of trout that land in my net. Photographer Tim Romano has a unique ability to capture those aspects of fishing that catch the angler, well beyond images of anglers catching fish.”

–Kirk Deeter, editor-in-chief, TROUT Media