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The best month of the year

So… if I could pick one month to fish anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, it would start now….  This is what I consider the “golden month.” Granted, it isn’t a “calendar” month, per se, but it is the best month to be a die-hard angler, in many places in America. Mid-September to mid-October. This is the gold month.

Hoppers are still doing their thing. River temps are cooling, and the fish are back on top. The vacationers are back home, for the most part, and it’s time for anglers to be anglers again.  The hunters are hunting.  The tourists are done touring, and it’s time to get it on.

The salmon are running up the rivers in Michigan. The browns are going nutty in places West.  The brookies are on the hunt throughout the East.   

And the best part of it all is anticipation of that first snowfall, when fat silver-dollar flakes fall from the sky, which will trigger the BWOs to hatch… or maybe you see a blanket October caddis hatch…and it just… goes… off

I live for fall fishing.

East or West. I live for fall. 

Wouldn’t trade it for the world.