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We heard back from Ford ... and it's good news

The new Ford Bronco not driving through a river. Ford Motor Co. promotional photo.

Editor’s note: On Monday, TU’s Kirk Deeter scolded Ford Motor Co. for marketing the company’s revamped Bronco by showing it driving through a creek, a potentially harmful activity to trout, salmon and their habitat. Here’s the latest from Deeter.

We’ve been contacted by the Ford Motor Company and were told:

“We have modified our water crossing advertising and promotion guidelines, so future water crossings always shows a trail on either side of the water. 

“In addition, we are reviewing all advertising to make sure water does not splash above the tires during a water crossing through a stream or river.”

Thank you Ford, for listening, and making these changes. Our hat is off to you. 

Now we’ll focus attention on others who show vehicles tearing around in rivers (as opposed to responsible stream crossings in designated areas), and encourage them to demonstrate the same level of corporate citizenship and respect for our nation’s waterways that the Ford Motor Co. does. 

By Trout Unlimited Staff.