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    Tying small dry flies using UV resins

    I’ve been using UV resins on my flies for several years now, all with the intent of making flies last longer on the water

    A baetis mayfly.

    I’ve always been something of a ham-handed fly tier, and, generally speaking, the bigger the fly, the easier it is for me to tie. I’m a big guy at six-foot-five, and my hands correspond to my height. They just aren’t meant for detail work. But I live in eastern Idaho, and right about now, my…

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    Five flies for April

    The guys at Trouts Fly Shop in Denver hit the Colorado River recently, and they did some serious damage to the river's lively browns and rainbows using baetis imitations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWumZ51uwOo Five Flies for April Baetis, often imitated in the dun form by the venerable Blue-winged Olive, are great springtime flies, and among the first mayflies…