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    From the TROUT Magazine vault: Restoration

    Editor's note: This piece was published originally in TROUT Magazine in the Summer of 2015. Two years ago, I took possession of a weathered 15-year- old wooden fishing dory from my friend Andy Toohey. “Took possession,” because I didn’t buy it, and he didn’t want it. He let me have that boat, but only after…

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    Video: Raft Tear Field Repair

    Last week Josh posted a piece on valve repair, and I want to take it a little bit further with a very in-depth video from the folks at Rafting Magazine and Sotar rafts about field repair for raft tears using both a traditional repair kit and a handy product called Tear-Aid. Tear-Aid is an indispensable…

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    Using the human anchor to catch more fish

    Using the human anchor to catch more fish.

    Anchors seem to be a common talking point when angling boaters get together. How big? How small? What type? How heavy? The debates can go on forever. There's one type, though, that some of you may have not tried though. The human anchor. Seriously. Many years ago I had the privilege of being invited to…