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    Spring Fly Showdown: Royal Wulff vs. Elk-hair Caddis

    The Royal Wulff squares off against the Elk-hair caddis.

    The final eight in the TU-Loon Spring Fly Showdown is upon us, and the first matchup is an intriguing contest between one of the great attractor dry flies ever tied and perhaps the most widely used imitation of a mature aquatic insect. Tying the Royal Wulff. There are a lot of great fly patterns…

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    The final eight: how to tie some great trout flies

    Eight flies, one tournament. May the best fly win

    The TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown is in its final week, and the tournament is down to its final eight flies. Not surprisingly, given that most of us learn to fly fish for trout before we branch off and try to tackle other species, like bass and pike, or saltwater critters like bonefish and tarpon,…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: Chernobyl Ant vs. the RS2

    Vote in the Spring Fly Showdown

    This matchup in the Spring Fly Showdown pits one of the best big-fly attractors against maybe the best emerger pattern ever tied for picky trout. Tying the Chernobyl. Honestly, this fly pattern might be the only good thing to come out of the disastrous nuclear meltdown in the former Soviet Union in 1986 (too…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: Bead-head Hare’s Ear vs. Woolly Bugger

    Vote in the Spring Fly Showdown

    The second round of the TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Challenge wraps up today, with several intriguing battles. This particular face-off includes what might be the best streamer pattern ever tied against a staple nymph pattern that most anglers go to when nothing else works. Tying the Woolly Bugger. The Woolly Bugger is perhaps the…

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    The TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown

    The coronavirus outbreak has changed our lives this spring. Here's a small diversion to take your mind off the crisis for a bit. Right about now, in a normal world, we’d be in the throes of the NCAA National Championship basketball tournament. Many of us would have agonized over the completion of tournament brackets, invested…