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    TU and AI

    Trout Unlimited is using AI, you know, artificial intelligence. No, it’s not to write this article (nor any others), and no, it’s not to enhance the photos of trout, nor salmon or steelhead (though that’s tempting). Instead, it’s for the benefit of science as well as curious anglers, which is our nature. With TU’s recent…

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    Learning from Trout DNA

    You’re sure to learn quite a bit from Helen and Tom’s discussion, so dive right in and enjoy.

    Helen Neville, TU’s senior scientist, recently sat down with Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis for one of his podcast episodes to converse about the role of genetics in trout science and what has been learned in the past decade. Some of Helen’s research along with other TU scientists have created tools that can tell us how…

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    From Internship to Career

    One-time TU Science Intern, John Walrath, finds value in partnerships John Walrath was already deeply immersed in the world of fisheries when he took a summer internship with TU’s Science team. For his master’s program, John was studying the predation happening in Lake Coeur d’Alene on Westslope Cutthroat Trout by the resident smallmouth bass, and…

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    Science Guides Native Trout Restoration

    CA’s science staff utilize low-tech processes for restoration in the remote native range of the golden trout There are several drivers of Trout Unlimited’s coldwater conservation work, but science is its beating heart. Many TU staff and volunteers — including the leading fish biologists, entomologists, hydrologists, ecologists, and mapping experts of our Science Program —…

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    TU Science Team Uses Genetics to Help Guide Management Needs for a Threatened Trout

    Lahontan cutthroat trout genetics expand conservation options There’s a species extinction crisis happening right now, and that includes trout. Extinction is evident across our landscapes thanks to things like habitat loss and disconnection, non-native species, and, of course, climate change. TU's science team collecting genetics data One species threatened with extinction is the famed Lahontan…