• Is this Michigan’s next famous trout water?

    TU’s Jake Lemon sees promise in a stream anglers breeze past to get to the Pere Marquette Jake Lemon admits he was as guilty as most when it came to paying attention to Michigan’s White River. “It’s basically sandwiched between the Muskegon and the Pere Marquette,” Lemon said of the White. “Many people just drive…

  • From the President

    Big protection for small streams

    Happily, this week, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Márquez found Trout Unlimited’s arguments compelling and declared that the 2020 rule was illegal and “would cause serious environmental harm.”

    The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps made a curious admission in 2020. They announced they were removing the protections of the Clean Water Act for ephemeral streams, which only flow in response to rainfall. They then said they were unable to determine the potential effects of this dramatic change. The chief of…

  • From the President

    From Red Brook to Bristol Bay: scaling conservation

    A few days ago, the people of Wareham, Mass., delivered a victory for conservation. They voted overwhelmingly against the wishes of their town administrator, and four of their five selectmen, and denied a 775-acre development in the headwaters of Red Brook. The development likely would have harmed one of the relatively few remaining populations of…

  • Science Community Featured

    TU’s science programs in Great Lakes keep growing

    By Jake Lemon  Trout Unlimited's team in the Great Lakes region continues to expand on its ambitious science-related initiatives, which are critical in informing protection and restoration projects in the region.  TU continues to support our chapters and partners in enhancing their water monitoring activities with the Mayfly sensor station, a low-cost real-time stream monitoring technology. Developed by Stroud Water…

  • Conservation Featured From the field Restoration Science

    New mapping tool puts beavers to work for Upper Columbia fisheries

    By Crystal Elliot, Kodi Jo Jaspers, and Matt Mayfield  Beavers and trout anglers are not strangers. Many of us have been startled while standing knee-deep in a trout stream when something big and brown and way larger than the fish we are targeting suddenly slips past. Beavers can cause headaches for land managers as they engineer streams and ponds…