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Backcountry bull trout featured in 'Secrets'

Bull trout are the native char of the inland Northwest. They live in the coldest, cleanest water and thrive in the most far-flung places.

They get big and surly. They chase gaudy streamers, prey on smaller fish and can be very challenging to pursue. They’re also a vital indicator species when it comes to a river’s health—if bull trout are present, chances are, the river is in good shape.

Official trailer for ‘Secrets.’

And, in recent years, they’re earning the respect of fly fishers, who are now chasing these remarkable fish based on their merits, and not just by-catch. If you’re catching bull trout, you’re likely in a pretty special place.

You can get a taste of what it’s like to chase bulls in their remote homes in the trailer for “Secrets,” a new film that features these remarkable wild fish.