bull trout

  • Trout Talk

    It’s bull trout time in Idaho

    Roger Phillips photo. By Roger Phillips They’re big, they’re hard-fighting, and they’re one of Idaho’s most overlooked trophy fishing opportunities, but many anglers are still confused about whether they can target bull trout for catch-and-release fishing. The short answer is yes.  When bull trout were listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act in…

  • Climate Change

    TU salutes Water for Conservation and Farming Act

    TU's Nell Scott with the first bull trout found in the reconnected reach of Oregon's Sun Creek after completion of a TU-led restoration project, Upper Klamath Basin. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has introduced the Water for Conservation and Farming Act, a bill that will provide a major boost to some of Trout Unlimited’s highest watershed…

  • Science

    Idaho bull trout tagged in three different locations in one year

    Bull trout range far and wide within connected river systems.

    By Jordan Messner Salmon and steelhead are famous for their amazing migrations, but trout and char can pull off some pretty impressive migrations as well.  In the fish business, the term "fluvial" refers to a unique life-history where fish migrate between larger river systems where they spend winters and smaller streams where they spawn. Sometimes these migrations…

  • Restore the core

    The Rock Creek watershed It looks like an out-of-place slip-and-slide placed into a meadow alongside a tributary of Rock Creek. It is, in fact, a fish screen. Like so many western trout streams, Rock Creek and its tributaries are important sources of irrigation for farmers and ranchers.  In the past, many irrigators would dam a…