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    Quick tips to ensure your shuttle goes right

    There’s plenty of ways to shuttle boats and vehicles, and I’ve probably done about 90 percent of them. My guess is that you have, too. The regular old car-truck run, a state trooper’s back seat, municipal bus, Uber, a moped, dirt bike, electric bike, regular bike, horse, donkey. I'm kidding about the donkey. Of all…

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    A boat shop in Salida, Colo., earns a customer service gold star

    If you're in the market for a custom raft frame or boat do yourself a favor and give the folks at Riverboat Works some thought. You won't be disappointed.

    A few weeks ago I spent a couple of lovely days on the Arkansas River. The trip was twofold. One, myself and a couple of buddies try and get a jump on all the whitewater traffic for a fishing float through Brown's Canyon every year, and two, perhaps more importantly I was picking up a…

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    What’s in a boat’s name?

    I've always thought that a boat's name was supposed to be of the female sex. Why? I haven't the foggiest ... Something about ancient goddesses, or important mortal women when interest in goddesses waned. When was that? I have no idea... Nevertheless, the first and only boat I've built thus far, a "Northeastern Rowing Dory"…

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    A loo with a view

    Groovers. Latrines. Thrones. Loos. Wait a second, I just realized that this may not be the cleanest conversation that has hit the Thalweg blog thus far. If you’ve done multi-day river trips, then you’ve certainly had conversations about the topic. Maybe it’s been on your pre-planning checklist. There’s plenty of discussion out there on various…

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    Learn to tie the king of boat knots

    Problem was I hadn't used this specific anchor line in quite some time and never with this anchor. When I went to clip the carabiner to said anchor it was far to long and would have dragged in the water at points being both unsafe and really annoying. We needed to loose about 4 to 5 inches inches of length on the set up.

    Last weekend we floated the Arkansas River in between Buena Vista and Salida, Colo. We camped and floated two separate days. The camping was fantastic, company spectacular, weather was great, and the fishing pretty darn good. I brought a brand spanking new Tornado Anchor to test specifically on these floats (more on that later). Problem…

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    From the TROUT Magazine vault: Restoration

    Editor's note: This piece was published originally in TROUT Magazine in the Summer of 2015. Two years ago, I took possession of a weathered 15-year- old wooden fishing dory from my friend Andy Toohey. “Took possession,” because I didn’t buy it, and he didn’t want it. He let me have that boat, but only after…