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    Douglas Outdoors: Born on the Salmon River

    The Salmon River in upstate New York offers anglers world class multi-species fly fishing opportunities, and Pulaski, N.Y., is the epicenter of this legendary fishing destination.  The Barclay family has lived on this river since 1806, and they have a special connection to their home water. For Douglas Outdoors founder David Barclay, growing up on the Salmon River instilled a deep…

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    Until now, no phone or tablet app was particularly useful in locating trout streams and finding public access to them.  Enter “TroutRoutes,” an app that maps trout streams in Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska and North Dakota.  Montana, Wyoming and Michigan are on the way.   The app claims that there are over 4,000 streams shown…

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    Simms Dry Creek Z backpack

    As the name implies, the Dry Creek Z isn't just water resistant. It's waterproof. And, the pack itself, before you put anything in it, is virtually weightless. In fact, your first impression when you open the box might just be, "Is this it?"

    About 18 months ago, I had three vertebrae fused in my lower back, a significant procedure that was done in hopes of stopping the brutal sciatic pain that would start just above my left hip and eventually stop at the tip of my big toe. Generally speaking, the surgery was a success. I'm still not…

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    RIO SlickCast fly line

    The new RIO SlickCast fly line is billed as the slickest line ever crafted

    Billed as the slickest fly line ever crafted — and not slick as in "cool," slick as in ... well, slick — RIO's new SlickCast fly lines are designed to provide the least amount of resistance as the line shoots through the guides of a fly rod. According to the company's testing, the new SlickCast…

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    Hillsound Freesteps6

    These light-weight crampons help with footing, in and out of the water.

    Nothing can ruin a day on the stream faster than a fall. Whether you just get soaked, or worse yet, get injured, being steady on your feet as your get in and out of the water is something you cannot afford to take for granted. Hillsound FreeSteps6 make being sure-footed a lot easier. These ultra-light…

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    Simms Flyweight wading shoes

    A great shoe for wading wet in small streams

    A great option for backcountry anglers who might walk miles to get to the water Backcountry trout fishing here in the West is so close I can smell it — the scent of sweet stream-side willows wafting through the open screen of a tent pitched under lodgepole pines might be my favorite olfactory trigger. It…

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    Douglas Outdoors SKY G fly rod

    I. Like. This. Rod. A Lot. Please note that Douglas does not sell direct to customers, so we gently suggest you check one of their rods out at your local TU Business member fly shop.

    I don’t do diplomacy very well, so let me be straight up, right out of the chute: I. Like. This. Rod. A Lot. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared to like it as much as I did. When our friends at Douglas Outdoors asked us if we’d review it, I did my homework. The reviews I read…