Gear reviews

  • Gear reviews

    Aquaz Trinity jacket is the real deal

    It’s hardcore gear for hardcore anglers who fish in miserable conditions. It’s a ton of protection for a reasonable price.

    In southeast Wyoming, early April is not spring yet, but full-on winter is mostly behind us. It’s a month of gray days, gale-force winds and intermittent snow. The good news is that it’s the first month of open water fishing and there are big fish to be had if you’re willing to endure the elements…

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    Aquaz Dryzip Waders

    Aquaz Dryzip waders can take a pounding

    Editor's Note: The folks at Aquaz were kind enough to offer me the opportunity to test their Dryzip waders. As soon as I saw them, I knew I was not the right angler for the job. These are serious waders built for people who can dish out serious punishment. So I contacted my buddy Connor.…

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    Redington Prowler Pro wading boots

    Over the past few years, Redington has boldly reinvented itself. What used to be a budget fly-fishing equipment manufacturer is now a quality-based company that produces good equipment for anglers of all stripes for prices that are sometimes significantly lower than their competitors. But let's be clear. Nobody is going to mistake Redington's soft-good equipment…

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    Orvis Pro Insulated Hoody

    The Russians say that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. That’s why I don’t agree with my friends in Arizona who say that the heat of their summer is just the obverse of the cold of our Midwest winters. Nonsense. You can only legally take off so much clothing in…

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    FITS light hiker-crew socks

    Let’s face it…socks are not the kind of gear which occupy much of our thought, in the way that a sexy, machined-aluminum fly reel might. But this somewhat overlooked bit of gear is one of the most crucial elements of our comfort out on the river. Over the past few weeks I have spent a…

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    Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler

    While I would prefer to be remembered as well-suited to review something like a nice new tip-flex 6-weight, because of my propensity to fish big water for large, wild trout... it would be entirely disingenuous to pretend I was not perfectly-suited for the Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler. For one, Fishewear is a woman-owned company and…

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    Loon tying tools help keep winter at bay

    The drift hanging over the eves on the house this morning is quite impressive. And it's cold. Damn cold. The thought of sneaking off for an afternoon on the Henry's Fork is now more of a pathetic inside joke—fighting frozen guides, frozen fingers and frozen toes while the the wind whips snow around my wadered…