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    Aim small, miss small

    My son, Paul, and I are elk and deer hunters. A few years back, we had the good fortune of meeting up at the rifle range with our friend Matthew (last name anonymous because he’s working a high-level security detail now) who is a former SAS sniper. He spent two days coaching us on the details of precision shooting.  We went over everything from breath control, to the delicate process of…

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    A clean fly line makes for a clean cast

    When I was younger, I put myself through college mowing lawns. I worked for a great guy who built a solid business trailing lawn mowers all over the Denver suburbs and unleashing a team of college and high-school kids to get the work done.  But every Monday morning, instead of meeting at some Cherry Hills…

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    On cheesesteaks and fly reels

    I’ve believed for a long time that, in the context of fly fishing for trout, a reel is basically just a place to hold your fly line. But I’m starting to rethink all of that.  That’s kind of like saying that the roll on a Philadelphia cheesesteak is really just there to keep your fingers from…

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    What was your best fishing trip ever?

    Editor's note: Periodically, we'll pose questions to a " fly-fishing roundtable" of TU anglers in hopes of spurring discussion among all anglers about all things fly fishing. This week: What was your best fishing trip ever? The father-son North Woods adventure I’m lucky. Very lucky. I’ve been around the world with a fly rod in hand,…

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    Winter blues, cabin fever and Appalachian envy

    April is the cruelest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. —T.S. Elliot It’s still cold and gray here in the steppe country of eastern Idaho. Snow still covers the yard. Snow is still in the immediate forecast. Winter’s not done yet. Not even…