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    So, you want to write about fly fishing?

    Writer Kirk Deeter taking notes on a layover in Prince Albert, Sask., Canada, en route to Lake Athabasca. Chris Hunt photo. “How in the heck did I ever end up here?” It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times over.  Sipping icy Coca-Cola at a Bolivian army base with El Comandante, as my four Argentine and…

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    The popper-dropper? You bet

    My friend Rob McConnell is the Texas equivalent of a Rocky Mountain creek freak -- a kindred soul if you will ... a fellow traveler. But, instead of searching out small, out-of-the-way cutthroat trout streams in little-traveled reaches of high-elevation backcountry, he combs the precious few acres of public lands in East Texas for swampy…

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    ‘To thine ownself be true’

    The Roan Plateau in northwest Colorado. Sharing creates advocates, while oversharing creates problems “To share or not to share…” If Hamlet were a fly fisher instead of just an angst-ridden 30-something pining for his dead father, this might have been what he uttered as he pondered the value of his own life. For, much like…