• Advocacy

    How do we bring back salmon and steelhead on the Lower Snake?

    So it turns out Rep. Mike Simpson isn’t messing around.   In February the Idaho Congressman announced intentions to finally tackle the decades-old problem of declining salmon and steelhead populations in the Lower Snake River. Scientific consensus points to the four Lower Snake Dams as the prime culprits.  In a video to the public, Simpson announced his intention to restore wild salmon…

  • Featured

    Welcome to winter steelhead fishing

    Dean hollered from upstream as a steelhead took his fly, then hollered again a moment later as the fish released it. At another spot Dean had a nice fish on for perhaps a minute, his rod bowed and bobbing. But that steelhead, too, practiced detachment. Welcome to winter steelhead fishing.

    Molly the water dog and Jenny Weis on Oregon's Umpqua River, before everything blew out. By the third day, it seemed a foregone conclusion that at least one of our three-person party would feel the chilly fingers of a stream no longer kept at bay by their waders. The ubiquitous blackberry vines armoring the banks…

  • Conservation

    TU’s California Program excels in spite of 2020

    It would be a serious understatement to say that 2020 has been a challenging year. Yet in the midst of a global pandemic and its harsh toll on our economy, communities and personal lives, Trout Unlimited and our supporters and partners helped deliver some outstanding conservation outcomes. Our California Program helped achieve major milestones on…

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    Our failure to remember affects salmon and steelhead conservation

    'The best run in years' doesn't mean things are getting better overall We’ve all heard stories from our grandparents of unbelievable abundance and sizes in their fishing forays — the salmon so numerous it boggled the mind, and those Lahontan cutthroat trout so big you couldn't wrap your arms around them. Yet even with these anecdotes it’s still hard to internalize just how different our experience…

  • Conservation

    Look to the science

    Poverty Flats (credit: US Forest Service) How do we bring back salmon and steelhead? Look to the science. My career in conservation was informed by a magical experience at a place called Poverty Flats in the middle of the South Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. At the end of a long day, as…

  • Science

    Barging increases likelihood of hatchery fish straying into wild steelhead populations

    "To repeat the obvious, that means in 2006 an estimated 42 percent of the spawners in this “wild” population were hatchery fish. Statistical modeling indicated the number of steelhead smolts barged in the Snake River in the previous several years was a strong predictor of PHOS (Percent Hatchery Origin Spawners)."

    There may be no more amazing feat in nature than migrations undertaken by salmon as they complete an epic journey from freshwater to the ocean and back upstream to their birthplace to spawn. In some cases, salmon swim more than 1,000 miles upstream to spawning waters. In this final freshwater phase of their trip, adults follow…

  • Conservation

    Chance of a lifetime

    How a unique partnership is working restore Eel River salmon and steelhead and keep water flowing to Russian River farms Along the fabled Lost Coast of California, and especially in the Eel River watershed, a three-party coalition of leading conservation groups is spearheading new, collaborative solutions to problems that are driving native steelhead and salmon…