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    Veterans Service Partnership Couples Trip to Slough Creek!

    The Trout Unlimited Veterans Service Partnership (TU VSP) will host the annual TU VSP veteran couples trip to Slough Creek and Yellowstone Park from September 1-7. Veteran couples were chosen from nominations submitted by TU VSP chapters from around the US and from alumni veteran couples who have participated on previous VSP trips. The upcoming…

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    Voices from the River: Aven’s trip to Muddy Creek

    An otherwise routine trip to check on a conservation project turned into a grand adventure for TU staffer Nick Walrath and his daughter, Aven. Walrath family photo. By Nick Walrath As parents we sometimes overlook the fact what may seem a mundane routine to us could be the adventure of a lifetime for our children.…

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    Video spotlight: South—The Road Trip

    New Zealand's South Island is known for its off-the-charts brown trout fishing, and for most of us outside of Kiwi borders, seeing is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure (if that) that generally involves parachuting in for a week, maybe two, and sampling a small number of rivers. But what if we had a camper van, a raft…

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    Native Trout Odyssey Team

    Native Trout Odyssey team to make final stop in Washington D.C. Five college students; 10 weeks; 10 states; 18 native trout species. The Native Odyssey crew (left to right): Brett Winchel, Matt Crockett, Jacob Lacy, Heather Harkavy, Austin Burroughs. This Summer, TU, in partnership with U.S. Forest Service, Costa Sunglasses, Simms Fishing Products, and Fishpond,…

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    Sweetwater Travel supports Clean Water

    "At Sweetwater Travel, we depend upon cold, clean water to provide habitat and refuge for trout. The Clean Water Rule is a formalization of the Clean Water Rule that was in effect for thirty years until the Supreme Court overturned the rule in 2006. The Obama administration re-wrote the rule to comply with the Supreme…