• Conservation

    Effort improves trout habitat in Delaware watershed

    Trout Unlimited staff and Ashokan-Pepacton chapter members assisted NYS Department of Environmental Conservation in completing the East Branch Delaware River Trout Habitat Improvement Project (HIP). The project underway since 2016, was designed to better understand potential challenges facing trout in the watershed and to help develop mitigation and management strategies to reduce potential water quality and movement impacts caused by the Lake Wawaka dam in Halcottsville, NY.  The project, spearheaded by concerned local…

  • Youth

    Burp! Please excuse my swim bladder

    The Think Tank brookies are swimming up, a good sign that they are ready to eat. We can see how effortlessly they swim up and down in the tank and nest basket. Trout, like many other species of fish rely on their swim bladder to control buoyancy. Using the swim bladder to ascend or descend…

  • Gear reviews

    Artist Alana Louise crafts bandana to benefit TU

    Seattle artist Alana Louise has crafted a new bandana with a distinctly fishy appeal for Bandits Bandanas customers, and 10 percent of proceeds from the bandana's sale will go to Trout Unlimited. Titled "Anadromous," the bandana depicts a river full of sockeye salmon on an annual spawning run. It is now available to the masses…

  • Science

    TU’s science programs in Great Lakes keep growing

    By Jake Lemon  Trout Unlimited's team in the Great Lakes region continues to expand on its ambitious science-related initiatives, which are critical in informing protection and restoration projects in the region.  TU continues to support our chapters and partners in enhancing their water monitoring activities with the Mayfly sensor station, a low-cost real-time stream monitoring technology. Developed by Stroud Water…

  • Youth

    Think Tank: Resolutions and barriers

    We all know 2020 was a tough year. Sadly, our trout were not spared. Tragedy hit the TIC Virtual Think Tank at the Trailside Museum as the year came to an end. A December snowstorm and building closures combined with power outages created unsuitable habitat for our small fry. The situation was exacerbated by the…