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    We are TU: Elizabeth Peterson

    I was taught from a very young age, in regard to the environment and conservation, to try to leave the places I visit a little better than I found them.

    We care about clean water, healthy fisheries and vibrant communities. We roll up our sleeves to volunteer, we sit on our boards, and we strategize as members and leaders of staff. We want you to join us.  For a discounted first-time membership, click here:  The aim of this blog series is to highlight our friends, in…

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    Think Tank: Cannibalism and story time

    Trout are missing from our virtual trout tank at the Trailside Museum and the very hungry fry are to blame. While trout love to feed on macroinvertebrates, they are ultimately opportunistic feeders. Like many other fish, trout are cannibalistic, and will eat smaller members of their own species. In fact, we commonly see this…

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    Think Tank: Empty nest and dabbling in chemistry

    It couldn’t be more obvious. The fry are ready to leave the nest. The trout in our virtual trout tank at the Trailside Museum are very active, hungry and ready for more space. Today we lowered one corner of the basket to let the brave fish swim out and search for food. The increase…

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    Hiking the CDT: Characters on the trail

    Editor’s Note: The Strawbridge family from Lakeland, Fla., is hiking the length of the Continental Divide Trail – all 3,100 miles of it – from Canada to Mexico. Henry Strawbridge, 14, will be providing updates of their journey to Trout Unlimited as they pass through the historic range of seven native trout species. You can track the…

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    Think Tank: Chilling in the Cross River and still finding bugs

    [et_pb_section admin_label="section"] [et_pb_row admin_label="row"] [et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] It’s a chilly 30 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City’s East of Hudson watershed today. Ihor Szholar, from Croton Watershed Trout Unlimited, and I took a short hike from the Trailside Museum to the Cross River. Equipped with a kick net, waders, small bucket, and hopes for finding…

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    Killer instincts? Not yet!

    The NYC and Watersheds TIC virtual trout tank fry have lost their yolk and are swimming up to the surface of the tank. These important clues tell us that they are ready for food.  Trout in the Classroom fry eat fish food called meal and crumbles. They are made from cuttings from seafood harvested for consumption.…

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    Hermosa is a backyard treasure

    By Ty Churchwell Just eight miles from Durango's city limits is the 107,000-acre Hermosa Creek Special Management Area and Wilderness. Enacted in 2014, the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act is the result of a community coming together for a favorite backyard playground for locals and a destination for America’s public land visitors who flock to the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado each year.    Prior to the passage of the…