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    Ode to the homely jon boat

    As I rowed the 14-foot lumbering jon boat back to her berth on the side of a remote lake in the Adirondack mountains after an incredible day of smallmouth fishing the other day, I thought to myself how much I both love and hate jon boats. They are ugly as hell, hard to row, but…

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    Tying the After Hours Stonefly

    It's later in the season, but not too late for stoneflies. Below, TU's Nick Halle ties his After Hours Stonefly, a solid "tweener" of a bug that could be seen by trout as either a smaller Yellow Sally or even a larger, nocturnal stone. Even more likely? This pattern, at least this time of year,…

  • Trout Talk

    Five reasons you should be fishing lakes today

    Fishing stillwater for trout is so good for you, and good for your game, on so many levels. But many anglers don’t bother. Here are five reasons to go jump in a lake (or at least fish from the shore 1. Knowledge You learn things you don’t often learn on the river.  Making casts so…

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    The most over-the-top drift boat ever?

    Did the headline grab you? Good, because this might be a slight exaggeration. Or maybe not. Over the weekend, my buddy sent me a link to a boat over on a group we belong to on Facebook called Drift Boats Unlimited. In the posting, a gentleman named Grant Brown had about 25 images of a…

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    TU tested: the Tornado Anchor

    I'll be honest, I never really thought there was much difference in what anchor you choose for your raft or drift boat, other than the different types used for very specific river bottoms or volume of water. There are pyramid anchors, spike anchors, digger anchors, three sided ... or even a bag of rocks. They…

  • Voices from the river

    The old man’s fly rod

    Some years back, I got a gift package in the mail right around Christmas time. It was from my uncle John, my mom’s brother. Long and slender, the package was a complete mystery to me--we’d long since stopped receiving gift packages from aunts and uncles, so I was really curious. Come Christmas morning, I watched…