As a son of Colorado, I can attest to the wonder and beauty found high in the small waters of the Centennial State’s mountains. Chasing trout in off-the-grid creeks is, to this day, my favorite fly-fishing pastime.

Above, Todd Moen of Catch Magazine, teases us with a trailer on a yet-to-be-completed film that focuses on small waters and the trout–sometimes small, sometimes… not so much–that can found in them.

One of Colorado’s many nicknames is the “Mother of Rivers,” which makes sense. Rivers like the Colorado, the Platte, the San Juan and the Arkansas all begin as snow-fed creeks and rivulets that pick up steam on their downhill journeys, and many of those small waters contain some of the prettiest wild trout you’ll ever behold.

I’m looking forward to the full release of this promising film. Thanks, Todd, for reminding me why I love small water so much.